Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Adventure 1

Rowling's Muggled-up Act

Why this blog? After all, I am neither inclined towards high literature, nor do I have an exciting persona that everyone's dying to read about. Well, the answer is, thats why! I am not new to blogging. Some of you may remember the larger-than-life adventures of The Crime Syndicate. Well, at least that's one bad piece of trash off the web! But the itching to propagate my thoughts (read rants) got the better of me yet again. I tried a lot of fancy names for this brand new blog (names that make me cringe now), but thankfully they were all taken. So here I am with Oraclemania - Oracle but not clairvoyant! welcome to my world once more...
The Harry Potter series has intrigued me for years. I started reading it when the fourth book was out, and was hooked by the time I was half-way through the first. The writing was splendid, and Rowling showed an uncommon knack for analysing human nature. The second book was all right, but the third one - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was simply mind-blowing. I had become a dedicated Harry Potter fan.
Then the rot began to set in, along with Harry's hormones and JK Rowling's growing popularity. The creatures began to get larger and scarier, while the curses could disfigure a person for life. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix continued the same downward trend. By this time, Rowling had become a victim of her own plots. She struggled to find her way out of the logical complexities she had created in previous stories.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a desperate attempt by Rowling to run a pair of garden shears through the now-tangled web of circumstances created by the five previous books? Why did Lord Voldemort kill Harry's parents? Why did he want Harry's blood? wouldn't he be a living corpse after drinking unicorn blood? Why did Severus Snape protect Harry Potter all these years, after coming back from the dark side? Only Albus Dumbledore knew. But did Rowling? I don't think so...that's why the old man had to go! In this respect, Rowling is no different from a mafia ganglord or the CIA or the Vatican, which (courtesy Mario Puzo, Sidney Sheldon and Dan Brown respectively) arranges for a convenient hit-and-run case for its agents and obstacles alike.
But some more questions arise. How did Snape manage to hoodwink one of the greatest wizards of all time? What happened to Dumbledore's (peace be to his soul) hand and why couldn't Fawkes' tears - powerful enough to act as Basilisk antivenom - not heal it? Why is the person whose memory is being accessed in the Pensieve be visible instead of being a first-person view like Quake3Arena? Could he see himself from various angles also when he experienced or remembered the incident? And finally, should I pay 900 rupees for this piece of crap when I can read its .pdf file (albeit at the risk of straining my eyes and enduring the typos) for free?
I can only answer the last one - the answer is "NO!" Because I may be in Oracle, but I am no clairvoyant!
The magic is over.


Shruthi said...

Hey, this post is good! My thoughts exactly! :)
And btw, I am Simantini's friend Poorvi's sister :)

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