Friday, August 26, 2005

Adventure 2

The Great Automatic Grammatizer - now a reality

Roald Dahl is, in my opinion, second to only Jules Verne in his prediction of future technologies. He isn't famous for science fiction. But I came across this short story the other day - The Great Automatic Grammatizer. The creation of Adolph Knipe can create stories based on input parameters like magazine (for which story is invented), type of story, amount of passion, genre, etc. With it, the creator corners the market, as a hand-made item cannot compete with a mass-produced one in terms of consistency and rate of production.

Seems like a distant dream? Not quite! Though the English language does not have this sort of grammatizer, Oracle has managed to creat the Oracle Aplplications Framework (yeah - it is OAF) as far back as 1997. This is a handy tool to make mass-produced computer code. You have to give input parameters like object names, kind of page, class names, region names etc, and this baby churns out page after page of Java, SQL, PL/SQL and XML code! All in conformity with Oracle's global standards!

So now, any layman (euphemism for oaf), with a few weeks of training , can create sophisticated XML pages, with advanced search, delete, create and update algorithms in a few days. Thank heavens for that!

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