Friday, September 23, 2005

Adventure 4

What's Google upto?

Sorry, I do not know too much about either computers or business. But seriously, what the hell is Google upto? Every other website is raving about how Google is going to overthrow Microsoft as the future Empire in the computer world.

Supposedly Google has been continuously buying dark fibre for the past five years to connect all its data centres (or whatever they call it). Google Earth offers satellite pictures of the world. An ambitious online library project is coming up. Google is the toast of every techie worth her salt. But for what good?

The cracks are already evident. The South Korean Government is planning to sue Google for providing satellite pictures of its defence installations openly on Google Earth. Some authors have already sued Google for copyright violation. GMail has faced severe criticism for breach of privacy. And the small print says that Google will sell the personal details of millions of Orkut users in case it goes under.

I am sure more is yet to follow.

Sadly, Google, a company famous for its unorthodox innovations and superior talent pool is going the way of other big corporations. They have unveiled a slew of other services, which seem unbelievable at first. But, seriously, who's going to pay over a hundred dollars to know how many ICUs are there in Texas? Google's revenues are mainly from search results. Admittedly it controls more than half of all web searches. But why not concentrate on that only? By shifting focus, they may let Yahoo! and MSN just take a large chunk of the pie. Google Talk is hardly an innovation...Yahoo and MSN messengers already had the PC-to-PC call feature, though admittedly not so clear. Other services like linguistic support are good, but cannot be used by serious professionals, as some flaws do exist still...not everything is translatable!

Google needs to watch its step, or it may just cease to be the religion that it is...

Friday, September 09, 2005

Adventure 3

Ode to the software industry

Please forgive the erratic metre and poor language...

Early in the morning I wake
And a hurried dash I make
To the cubicle
To sit and stare
And tear my hair

Please tell me friend
Where's the end
To the Java Bean
No point I see
Whatever does that mean?

But hold on dear
I've had fun here
Surfing and playing pool
The pay's not bad
Though the place is sad
To quit I would be a fool

So let us toast
Our gracious host
The software industry
Where we while away
The entire day
What a place to be!