Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Adventure 7

Für Elise

I wake up in the morning to the alarm Für Elise.
The lift opens
Für Elise.
The car downstairs reverses
Für Elise.
I walk out; the bus honks
Für Elise.
My neighbour's cellphone beeps
Für Elise.
I am watching TV - the advertisement is
Für Elise.

I am now sick of Für Elise.
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I get back home and play some music - Für Elise.
My irritation vanishes.
Here's to Beethoven who composed Für Elise.
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Clickr said...

That Fur elise is excellent!
Very sad u r bored of it

Unknown said...

ya...i like the original one (2nd link). i hate the ones used in reverse alarms, lifts and in the 1st link!

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