Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Adventure 8


Cars pass by on Hosur Road. I sit at my desk, looking at the plasma skin. I contemplate the future occassionally. Mine, that is. Does not seem too bright. Peeleraja, the scourge of the NITK Final Block LAN Forum, made his entry in the internet. But, even posting there has gotten quite mundane. Unfortunately, the netizens of Bangalore do not know how to use forums like the inmates of Final block hostel of NITK, batch of 2005.

Orkut has gotten stale. Online radio is now repetitive, albeit a welcome respite from that continuously looping Winamp. CAT is a few days away. No leave. Long hours at office. I am bored. IIM seems a distant dream now. No enthusiasm to study any more.

The pool table at office has degenerated further. I have grown tired drinking fruit juice (on the house) thrice a day. I drink it once a day now. Nobody seems online. I am bored.

I miss college life. Yes, I really do. Even those horrid labs in the Chemical Engineering Department. Even those psychopathic teachers. Even the bad mess food. I can't wait for the Convocation. I hope they do not cancel it.

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