Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Adventure 11

The great escape

Call me DJ - bcause i am cool type guy. I am also dead. I am martyr.

I became graduate, but for five years I was loiter around university campus, with my gang of friendships, enjoying beer, fast motorcycle and good life. My mummy ran dhaba, so I was getting nice food and also not worrying about the livelihood and all. I was just interest in bike, beer, womens and all only.

One day, cute white girl from UK come and told me that I am like Chandrashekhar Azad. To get friendly with her, I agreed to act that part in her picture she was producing and scripting and directing and cinematographing and probably editing too, but we all died before she could get to editing part. To my pleasure, my friends also were looking like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and etc. Only there was one jerk who was like Ramprasad Bismil, so we had to make friendships with him also for the sake of memsaab. By the by, my friend's boyfriend was MiG flyer - dude from Air Force.

Poor fellow got married, and went off to fly MiG, and died after his plane crashed. Not his fault, the parts were defective. But Mantriji insulted his memory. Then that brute also had his mother and widow lathicharged for peaceful demonstration. We got mad and decided to murder him. Defence minister no, very tough job because of Z+ security.

He went out for morning walk with only one unarmed security guard (very lucky for us). One of us dudes distracted security guard while we shot minister from bike. We got away and nobody even saw us...like wow yaar!

Let me not bug you with more detail vetail...we hijacked AIR station, broadcast our message, and got shot by snipers. We are heroes.

Let me get this straight. Rang De Basanti makes for pretty good watching, but the message it carries is pretty dubious. Atone for your sins by killing someone? Not acceptable any more. The makers do make a good job of resurrecting our forgotten hero; but must it be so jarring? And as for originality, isn't it a clever rehash of Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, which itself is a rehash of some Hollywood flick I haven't seen?

It does convey one message though - the lives of pilots (for that matter anyone) are not for playing with. When will our politicians learn to exclude innocent lives from their shenanigans?

Another film which resurrects a forgotten hero is Jahnu Barua's Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Maara. Full marks to that one for originality as well as for making the right point. We need more films like that and less of pop-patriotic, escapist eye candy that is Rang De Basanti.

If you want escapism, Karan Johar is the stuff for you.


Rajat said...

Hmm. The ending seems a bit dumb. Have to see the movie sometime. I liked the music though.

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