Thursday, May 03, 2007

Adventure 18


The World Cup was a disaster. A big disaster. It was a torture to watch. Not because of Ajit Agarkar, but because of Srikkanth, Shankar, Ehsaan, and Loy. Also the dancing tiger going balle balle after every boundary made me switch over t0 Doordarshan.

Advertising is not what it was. And I lay the blame squarely on IITs. They created a myth that an engineering degree is the only route to happiness. Hence, perfectly intelligent youngsters wasted a lot of time chasing the holy grail. A few did make it. Some make it to the decent engineering colleges. Most make it to IT coaching centres.

The biggest casualty is the arts. Millions of TV viewers are made to endure Shankar Mahadevan singing "Mind and body heart and soul", and watching Yuvraj Singh morph into a tiger. There's just one solution. Introduce B.Tech degrees for every discipline. Just scrap the B.Sc, B.A., and B.Com degrees. The IITs realised that and introduced the B.Techs in physics and agriculture a long time ago. Here are a few of my suggestions:

B.Tech (English and Communications Engineering)
Addresses the current industrial demand for qualified English speakers and copywriters. Active industry-academia interaction is required to supply high-quality E&C engineers for the mass communication and the BPO sectors.

B.Tech (Social Science and Economic Engineering)
A specially designed course to train professionals in the socio-economic aspects of the burgeoning global economy. Students learn to maximise financial output of an enterprise by understanding the cultural nuances of their business partners.

B. Tech (Art)
A lot of artistic work (especially web design) is being done by former engineering students. The scientific aspect of art shall be taught here to ensure standardised quality artistic output.

Note: Many of these courses may also be offered as PGPs or MBAs to attract the those who have already wasted four years or more, studying one of the old economy engineering courses.


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