Monday, July 23, 2007

Adventure 22

Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Code

Is it just me or is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows a tribute to Dan Brown by JK Rowling? Here are some similarities:
  • A quest for a mythical object (or set of objects) that only some people believe actually exists
  • A triangular symbol for the objects of desire, with sordid tales of bloodshed in previous quests
  • Protagonists accused of crimes they didn't commit and being pursued by misled law enforcers
  • A dark clique after the same objects as the protagonists
  • A quirky man in a quirky residence with quirky hobbies, and a fanatic believer of the legend, who introduces the protagonists to the quest for the mythical object(s) and then betrays them (he also asks one protagonist to narrate the legend to another)
  • Plenty of deaths of keepers of secrets
  • Secret societies to protect the legends
  • A climax where secrets are unearthed but legends are allowed to remain
  • Mega movie deal which will produce a real yawn of a film
Dan Brown discovered the template to the ideal bestseller. Looks like Rowling has followed the same mould. Am I right or what!!!


Vinay said...

Come to think of it there are quite a few similarities with a host of other books.
1. With LOTR- the way the Horcruxes act as a burden reminds one of the way Frodo's ring was a burden.

2. Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth Series- The way Harry loses his wand is pretty much similar to Richard losing the sword in the penultimate book.

3. George RR Martin- For the "take no prisoners" attitude. Martin has this knack of killing characters in a flash and it happens in this book also

Unknown said...

Maybe...only I haven't read any of those. I always thought the previous books were modern renditions of Enid Blyton though...

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