Thursday, April 26, 2007

Adventure 17

This is the best spam mail I got on yahoomail yet! Check out the accompanying text also. This is more hilarious than any of the forwards ever created under Sri Sri Narayan Murthy's many ashram's all over the world. Learn, Infy, learn! (do click, enlarge and read the text in pic)

But with phishing attacks and identity theft, it has become a lot more money-oriented.
Does your company have a plan?
Business and financial risk too high?
Does your company have a plan?
Do you know how to sell your business?
Employees in the council's Adult Services Division now have their sickness notification calls re-routed to a call centre in London. And if your accounts information, customer contacts, bank details and personnel data are held on the same server, they could be vulnerable.
"There has been a shift in the professionalism of the groups involved.
According to Twynham, one of the top 10 vulnerabilities is a result of companies hosting their websites on the same database as their operational and financial management systems.
Do you know how to sell your business?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Adventure 16

A lot of water has flown through the Malleswaram pipeline since I last wrote a post. Now I feel like writing again. So here are the new developments:
  1. I have quit Oracle. I am now grossly underpaid and overworked.
  2. Gaurav Sabnis has started reading graphic novels and watching obscure movies and serials, apart from commenting on US politics, Indian cricket, etc.
  3. Shilpa Shetty has at last come of age.
  4. The video posted in my last post is no longer on youtube.
  5. Yahoomail now reaches slightly faster than normal post.
  6. I have discovered that Google is conning wannabe IITJEE aspirants to my blog.