Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Adventure 31

Short Movie Reviews

Here are some movies I decided to rate on a scale of 10. The figures in parentheses are IMDB ratings as of now.

Death to Smoochy: 8.5 (6.2)
Infinitely enjoyable, this hilarious and bawdy expose of the seamy side of the kiddy TV industry and the charity mafia has not a single dull moment. Brilliant performances by Robin Williams (Rainbow Randolph - busted by the FBI for accepting cash in return for casting a parent's kid on his show) and Edward Norton (Smoochy the Rhino - a squeaky clean replacement for Randolph and a pain in the ass for the Parade of Hope - the toughest of all the charities) and the Irish Mafia .

The Way of the Dragon (Meng Long Guo Jiang - dubbed from Chinese): 8.5 (6.9)
Bruce Lee must rescue Nora Miao's Chinese restaurant in Rome from the Italian Mafia, whose guns are no match for Chinese darts and Jeet Kune Do. Watch it for the climax where Bruce Lee struggles to overpower Chuck Norris Iimported from America to deal with Lee) at the Coliseum in the greatest martial arts duel ever captured on film.

Danny the Dog: 7.0 (7.1)
Jet Li has been raised like a dog whose owner unleashes him on his detractors with devastating effects. Can a blind Morgan Freeman show him a new life?

Tom Yum Goong (Thai with subtitles): 6.5 (6.9)
To save his elephant that has been smuggled from Chiang Mai to Sydney, Tony Jaa must unleash the power of the ancient martial arts of Muay Thai and Muay Boran on unsuspecting Aussie goons, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters, South African Capoeira experts, WWE wrestlers, and diabolical Thai immigrants in Sydney.

Fargo: 9.5 (8.3)
Greedy car salesman schemes to rob his father-in-law by geting his wife kidnapped by dangerous hoodlums The plot goes horribly wrong and a 7-month pregnant lady cop must unravel some mysteries to stop the series of killings in a chilling Minnesota winter.

The Forbidden Kingdom: 7.0 (7.0)
A Bruce Lee fan somewhere in a rough American neighborhood is roughed up by hooligans before he is transported to an ancient Chinese village. With the help of the village drunkard, poet and Kung Fu champion (Jackie Chan), he must return a magic staff to the Monkey King (Jet Li - who initially appears as some sort of Shaolin Monk ) , who had been decieved by an evil magician centuries ago.

The Godfather II: 8.5 (9.0)
A long-winded sequel to The Godfather. Features Robert DeNiro brilliantly portraying a young Vito Corleone (he speaks only in Italian) and an over-the-top portrayal of his youngest son Michael by Al Pacino.

The Big Boss (Tang Shan Da Xiong - dubbed from Chinese): 7.5 (6.5)
Bruce Lee goes to Thailand to work in an ice factory whose owners clandestinely manufacture narcotics. They try to bribe him and kill his cousins before he overpowers them with the power of Jeet Kune Do. Poor dubbing ruins a lot of the charm, but has brilliant fight scenes.

Romeo Must Die: 5.0 (6.0)
Jet Li beaks out of a Hong Kong prison and escapes to America, where he causes mayhem using the ancient martial art of Wushu. The best scene is where he pwns a whole bunch of huge thugs in a game of American football.

Yeopijeogin Geunyeo (My Sassy Girl - Korean with subtitles): 8.0 (8.1)
Crazy girl make life hell for naive boy - and then they fall in love. She makes him do lots of crazy stuff. Along with Oldboy, this makes me crave for more Korean movies.

More ratings when I feel like it.

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