Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adventure 35

Shitty Hero Honda Ad

Ever turned on the telly to find a shitty ad playing? An ad that made you want to tear out every last strand of hair from your head, and soap out your eyes? Recently, we poor Indians have been subjected to an ad as shitty as Ravi Shastri and Charu Sharma sharing the commentary box together, and more puke-inducing than a hypothetical party comprising of Varun Gandhi, Shibu Soren and Amar Singh.

For decades now, Hero Honda has been raising the bar for shitty ads, but this one take the cake. For proof of how shitty this is, fast forward to 2:30 (before you stab your eyeballs in disbelief) to see Priyanka Chopra on an 85cc moped being followed by high powered Karizmas!

I wonder why they didn't hire the above mentioned eminent personalities as their brand ambassadors!


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