Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Adventure 37

Cricket may not be fair but certainly not unfair

Chandigarh/Melbourne: Ever since Vijay Mallya monopolised this year's IPL, having been the good times partner for both the finalists, as well as having splashed the Kingfisher logo all over the Centurion, his competiors decided to address the challenge by forming an alliance of their own. So, for the first time, we see the grandest of all commercial marriages - Kings XI Punjab will now be bought over by Shah Rukh Khan (who is also the brand ambassador for Fair and Handsome), with Air France being their official carrier and Fosters their official beverage. Acclaimed actor Preity Zinta will continue as the cheerleader-in-chief, said souces close to Mr. Khan.

Leading management guru CK Prahalad has been appointed the chief strategist for the new-look Kings XI team, who immediately appointed legendary fast bowler Glenn McGrath as the captain. "We represent a region filled with an aspirational people on both sides of the LoC, a lot of whom scramble Down Under - obviously looking for that elusive fortune at the bottom of the so-called geopolitical pyramid", says Dr. Prahalad. "With a judicious mix of Australian and Indian players, we are poised to be the team with the highest brand recall, and have chosen brands that reflect our core competences and values".

"We will soon be unveiling our new-look team, where everything will be colour-coordinated to reflect our new brand identity. Unlike my previous team (who wore black uniforms), there will not be a single spot of black on my new team", says a visibly excited Mr. Khan, who will soon order his boys to dye all their hairs blonde. "We plan to hold roadshows all over the world, before we set up a special training camp somewhere in India, provided we get hotel accommodations for our Indian staff."

However, the the Indian Airline companies are against what they call an "unfair alliance", alleging that the presence of a foreign airline would rob the Indian Premier League team of its sheen.
- Agencies

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