Monday, August 10, 2009

Adventure 43

Big Brother's Watching

Imagine a world in which you are continuously being watched. There are cameras at random, undisclosed locations, tracking your movements, and those of your compatriots. You have to wear an identity card above your waist, which contains your photo, and a serial number that identifies you. The card can be tracked by Them to locate your whereabouts any time They want. They decide when and what you eat, and also where you eat.

All is not a bed of thorns in this world. You are recognized for your perseverance and hard work by being called to dinner with the Big Brother. Big Brother is all powerful, a shining beacon who has risen from your ranks to His exalted position. You are, but a statistic to Him. He leads Them; They who can monitor every keystroke of yours; They who decide what websites you visit and what you don't; They who make sure you don't step out of line. Big Brother is part of a Hallowed Inner Circle, one that dines separately, and sits in special chairs in special rooms; that travels the world in luxury jets and gives motivational talks, while advising you to pinch every if it were your own. Big Brother is benevolent, a Comrade who understands your pain and identifies with your plight; he even shares your burden by subjecting himself to the same pay cuts as you. He however doles out little monetary gifts whenever your overseers are happy with whatever work you have done.

The above is not a description of a Communist or otherwise dictatorial regime. This is the case in most large corporate companies of the world. The regimes in the USSR and Eastern Europe collapsed under their own weight, and so have a lot of big commercial behemoths recently. Maybe change is imminent yet again...

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