Sunday, December 13, 2009

Adventure 50

Lok Paritran Revisited - Maybe I am a Clairvoyant After All

I celebrate my fiftieth post in a foul mood. Over two years ago I had made this feeble attempt at satirical humor:

However, that post had been inspired by the brouhaha over "educated" professionals, especially IITians joining politics. People were writing feel-good blog posts and news articles about the new wave of political reforms that would be brought about by two parties, Lok Paritran and Bharat Punarnirman Dal. I didn't feel too good though. Their websites and mission statements reeked of something fishy, and I couldn't quite tell what it was. Was it the radical and revivalist Hindutva in their mission statements? Their websites seemed to be full of the type of pseudo-patriotism that typifies their better-known Hindutva redneck siblings . That feeling of discomfort was heightened by the photographs of the members of these organizations. Somehow, they did not seem to be the erudite and idealistic scholars they claimed to be. Rather, they seemed to be, and certainly dressed like, the upper-caste Brahmins and landlords portrayed by B-Grade Bollywood movies. The kind that brought about the complex racism typical of India, millenia ago.The fact that there was a public outpouring of support for these political novices made me even more uncomfortable; the very fact that they could actually be the ones in power some day did not go down well with me. Thankfully the Indian electorate does not comprise of solely of IT professionals and engineering hopefuls at Kota. They rejected these pretenders who promised reform.

The Lok Paritran is now a party that has disintegrated into a morass of hatred. And sleaze. Take a look at their website.

Read each post fully and carefully. Savor the feeling of disgust that envelopes you. You might have believed in these guys, and they could have been in power. Be thankful that we had statesmen like Nehru and Ambedkar to put us on the track of some stability sixty years ago. Whatever their faults may have been (and I concede they had plenty), they prevented us from being another Honduras, Rwanda or even Pakistan. Be thankful that we have a person who is erudite, honest and pragmatic in the form of Dr. Manmohan Singh at the helm rather than a peddler of hatred and revivalism, as some of our states do. And be afraid. Very afraid. One wrong move at the hustings could precipitate India towards doom faster than you think.

If you are not yet convinced, here is the kind of hatred that's fostered among the brightest of India's brain pool.

Think twice about electing people who have spent their formative years in such cesspools of intellectual filth. Think twice before you embrace a change that might ruin you. Irreversibly.

Jai Hind.


Venu said...

Lok Paritran definitely seemed like a joke, what with their pseudo-vedic nonsense, but I didn't expect to see such stories splashed on their website in two years time.

And that story about AIIMS students is very disturbing.

Unknown said...

@venu Yes. See the objectives of these parties:

Bharat Punarnirman Dal:
The objective of the Party is to make Bharatvarsha a prosperous and powerful Nation and re-claim the position of world-leader for it, which the country rightfully deserves. [Article – 3 B of the Party Constitution]

Lok Paritran:
Paritran literally means to end the cause of distress permanently. And Lok means 'People'. Thus "Lok Paritran" means "to emancipate the people permanently from the state of distress".
The Mission of Lok Paritran is to make Bharatvarsh a powerful and prosperous Nation and regain its rightful place in the world as the preceptor of the world (Jagadguru).

Note the similarities? Note the uber-patriotism typical of fascist groups?

The BPD is a breakaway faction of LP.
Also, the LP National President uses language very similar to Hitler and Kim Jong Il.

All in all, nasty pieces of goods both. Atleast their feuds exposed them before it was too late.

Babban said...

The story about AIIMS is clear evidence of the rancour that casteist politics is causing among people.

Rather than being an example of casteist bias, this is actually a case of how our newer generations are being made (per force) aware of caste/creed based differences.

The caste system, a social evil that would with time have withered away, got a fresh lease of life by the hastily and clumsily implemented Mandal Comm report by VP. Since then, politicians have ensured that instead of getting relegated to the dustbin of history, caste based divides hare kept alive. What you have is such disturbing events (if true) as the AIIMS case reported in the Telegraph.

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