Thursday, May 07, 2009

Adventure 36

IPL Urban Legends
Legend 1: Insiders approve of Fake IPL Player
Status: Probably true
There have been plenty of cases where bloggers have been traced (via IP addresses) and sued or hushed up by aggrieved parties with deep pockets. Shah Rukh Khan and Co. definitetely have both the political clout and the wads of cash to stamp out any small fry if they choose to. A recent post by the Fake IPL Player have put to rest any rumours of Shah Rukh wanting to sell the team (speculations that would have been disastrous to the team's sponsorships). The blog seems to be a way to keep interest in the IPL alive, since an unauthorised user can never cash in on the blog's popularity without getting sued out of his skin.
Legend 2: Buchanan is an Idiot
Status: No doubt
Sunil Gavaskar may have made some nasty personal comments about him, but it still stands that John Buchanan has absolutely no cricketing acumen. Even he has realised this and is trying to skim the most money out of his soon-to-be-ended IPL saga by bringing in his family. Just as Greg Chappell has done irreparable damage to the formidable talent of Irfan Pathan by using him as an opening batsman, Buchanan has earned the goodwill of his Aussie compatriots for having destroyed the Kiwis' most destructive batsman in both form and spirit. He may also have entered a revenue-sharing agreement with Ajit Agarkar.
Legend 3: Some Matches are Fixed
Status: Could be
Last year, the most hyped team (Deccan Chargers) failed miserably, while the rank outsiders (Rajasthan Royals) steamrolled their opponents. A very prominent Rajasthani was caught on camera recently, chanting "Super Over...Super Over" wen there seemed to be absolutely no chance of one, during the closing overs of an exciting tie, featuring his home team. Guess who won? However, the Chargers were terribly overconfident last year, while the Royals had Shane Warne's genius. This is one legend that can never be verified, unless the Kolkata Knight Riders suddenly start butchering their opponents, with Wriddhiman Saha winning the Orange Cap from here.
Legend 4: The Times of India's Pages are for Sale
Status: Beyond doubt
They hyped the ICL like it were the World Cup, with the main sports page totally dedicated to it. All articles (about 16 a day) were written by the same author, a certain Solomon Vijay, who has never ever written anything else in the Times of India or any other publication of note. Last year, the Delhi Daredevils had paid their dues, and were called by their proper IPL name, but this year they have been relegated to the plain vanilla name of Team Delhi, while the erstwhile Team Mohali seems to have suddenly transformed into the Kings XI Punjab this year. The Deccan Chargers are still Team Hyderabad and even the Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Superkings seem to be stuck to being Team Jaipur and Team Chennai respectively. The Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore, however have paid their full dues, and are called by their real names on the hallowed rag's pages.