Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adventure 42

The Atheist's Song

I am the Forgotten One
The real Forgotten One
Without any Lineage
Without any Heroes
Without any Past

I did not fight any bloody battle
Nor crucify a Saint
I did not spill some goddamn blood
For a God that really ain't

I am humiliated in my school
And made to chant their hymns
While my rational beliefs
Are dismissed as mere whims

I see big temples in the hills
And churches by the sea
Majestic masjids on the sands
But no sanctum for me

Forms ask for my religion
Am I Hindu, Muslim or Sikh
Maybe I'm a Buddhist (they say)
Or maybe Catholic

In forms I fill up religion
Because they say I must
While zealots all around my town
Spill blood on sand and dust

I swear in courts by their Books
But believe in none of them
I wince in silent agony
When bigots cause mayhem

I am the Forgotten One
The real Forgotten One
Without any Lineage
Without any Heroes
Without any Past

Monday, July 13, 2009

Adventure 41

Shallow Talk
Here is a little passage I have composed. I hope it will some day be used in a standardized test like the GRE.
The post-existential predominance of modern neuro-consciousness studies belies the statement "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." We live in a society where the paradigm of materialistic spiritualism tends to prevail over heterogenous ascetism. Consequently, spatial variations in the pseudostatic social equilibrium may affect the Machiavellian tendency to manipulate gynocentric heresies. Take the case of the pro-liberal serkali of Northern Tanganyika. Their attitude towards the bwana reflects a marked departure from the hyperrealistic outlook of their pointillistic predecessors. Consequently, their pragmatic behavior is markedly different from the moonwalk pioneered by Michael Jackson. Current hypotheses suggest the existence of a neo-Rastafarian oligarchy prevalent in the subterranean strata of Cartesian society affected by multiple syzygies in the hyper-domains in the planetary systems of Galaxy 49. Thus, androgynous body structures are bound to evolve as a protracted consequence of typification of hyperactive amoretti.