Sunday, March 07, 2010


I heard that Barcelona is a great city, and that's why I decided to visit it last month.  Our flight was late, and we reached the youth hostel at 4 am, and went to sleep. When I woke up, I was welcomed by a magnificent view of Torres Agbar, a giant building that reminds every man of his shortcomings.

Walking down the streets, one was is struck by the gaudiness (literally of the Sagrada Familia), a scary church that is under construction since the 1880s, and might be finished within two decades!


As I was to discover soon, Barcelona is a city is very much like Bangalore; perennially under construction, with a bizarre skyline dominated by several cranes used in either construction or renovation.


The Parc Guelle, is a must-see in Barcelona, where the eccentric architect Gaudi went berserk with his creativity. It is like entering one of those fairy tales where the innocent young princess is lured by a wicked witch.

The park is filled with all kinds of people; tourists, amateur models, musicians and costumed superheroes.
The city itself is very warm, and has a beautiful beach, whose beauty could somewhat be ruined by naked guys. Some of the buildings have interesting graffiti too, though most have the ugly lettering you find in Paris walls.



However, Barcelona wakes up only at night. The real fun of Barcelona is in swigging copious amounts of beer at night, and sleeping at dawn. Obviously, I have no pictures of this vibrant culture. I do, however, have a few pictures  from their museums.
Do not miss out on the Museum of Catalan History, which has such rare artifacts as a 20-year old computer and a 35-year old transistor radio, apart from this vintage car you see above. I was so awestruck by these treasures, that I was unable to photograph them.

Note: Do not fret if you do not speak Spanish and Catalan. Hindi works almost as well, since most of the convenience store owners, gift store owners, restaurant waiters and drug dealers are Indian or Pakistani. Also, do try the Paella, a local dish of rice and meat or fish.

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