Friday, November 26, 2010

If Real Cricket Were Like Street Cricket...

  1. There would be no LBWs, hit-wickets, byes, leg byes or overthrows.
  2. Chucking would be legal and bowling illegal. Deliveries that are too fast would be declared dead balls.
  3. The non striker would double up as the umpire. He would either be empty handed or hold a stick.
  4. No runs behind the wicket. Also, any nick behind the wickets would be out.
  5. Every third wide or no ball (in lieu of every wide or no ball) per over would yield one run.
  6. Every team would have 4 members. Both sides would field.
  7. There would be a joker who bats for both teams, and fields for both teams. Usually the weakest player, unless he owns the equipment.
  8. There would be one bowling end and one batting end. Batsmen would change after every over, and not the field. Also, both batsmen would use same bat (see 3). The batting end would have 3 stumps while the bowling end would have one stump. Stumps would be placed in a stump holder, and there would be no bails.
  9. The ball would be a modified tennis ball: Cosco Cricket, Pacer or Vicky. Both innings would be played with the same ball.
  10. There would be no sixers. Any shot clearing longest boundary would be "six and out." In case the ball is lost, the six runs would not be given. Also, shorter boundaries would exist, for "1 declared" and "2 declared" in case of an asymmetric field.
  11. If the batsman were beaten thrice in the same over, he would be declared out.
  12. The owner of the most pieces of equipment would play the role of match referee, opening batsman and bowler of the second over. Except this minor change, a team's bowling order and batting order would be exactly reversed.
  13. Only clean one-handed catches after one bounce would dismiss batsmen. However, catches after one bounce, if two-handed or fumbled would not be valid.
  14. The winner of the toss would always bat first and win by obscene margins.
  15. A batsman would be declared out on playing either a switch hit or a shot with the back of his bat.


Logik said...

Super stuff. I especially liked points 3 and 12.

Akshay N R said...

Haha...So true about the person 'owning the equipment' to play all roles.

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