Sunday, May 08, 2011

Educational Premier League

Inspired by the success of associating cricketing milestones with brands in the IPL, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India has decided to do the same with  key concepts in all subjects in its curriculum. It is anticipated that such a move will bring in the much-needed funds to improve basic education.

According to reliable sources who attended the policy meeting, all text books, question papers and educational support material will be upgraded to reflect these new changes. Teachers will be trained to incorporate these new terms in their classes, and students failing to quote relevant brand names in answers will be penalized. Some examples quoted in the memo include:


Given a function y=acosx + bsinx, find where it attains its DLF maximum if it exists. What is the value of this DLF maximum value?


Explain the principle of Karbonn Kamaal dating. How is it used to determine age of fossils?


Describe the Moneygram Money Transfer Quit India Movement.


Archimedes had a Citibank Moment of Success when he noticed that he displaced his own volume of water in the bathtub. How can this principle be used to assess the purity of gold?


Write a short paragraph about the currents in the Sahara Indian Ocean.


Draw a neat diagram of the Hajmola digestive system. Label all important parts.